Correspondence School
CD [TURN 003]


Don't Derail 7"

[TURN 002]


Erin Czech - vocals, guitar
Jeff Brummett. - drums
Todd Sandigo. - bass

previous members include:
Yvonne C. - drums
Jeff W. - guitar
paperback - mp3
walla walla, washington - mp3
mystery writer - mp3

The How, When and Why:

I knew Erin from KSCU and was a fan of his previous band Antonym, which included members Yvonne Chen (Xiu Xiu) and Ryan Fox (The Good Life, The '89 Cubs). One night sitting in front of a 7-11 he played a tape of his home recorded 4-track songs. Songs so good they were better than anything I was playing on my radio show, songs so good I offered to help him have others hear it, songs so good it helped me take a plunge into the world of record labels (which I'd been considering for years). Still today Correspondence School is one of my favoriate album and I'm proud to have been a part of this band. - JW

"Santa Clara, California's The Contrail formed in 1997, and unleashed their dramatic indie rock/pop onto the world in 1999 with the release of Irreducible Varieties and Prime Ideals. 1999 also saw the release of their Don't Derail EP. Led by Erin Czech fiery vocals, the band's delicate and emotional lo-fi sound was quickly praised by critics and music fans alike. In 2000, the band unveiled the eccentric Correspondence School on Turn Records, a 15-song epic. The album was full of feedback and youthful energy, and received critical acclaim for its unabashed enthusiasm for the band's musical reckless abandon and love of the almighty pop hook." - Stephen Cramer, All Music Guide

In Dec. 1999 Turn Records released our very first release, the Contrail's Don't Derail 7". Later in 2000 next year we released Correspondence School, a lo-fidelity sonic masterpiece that garnered praise from critics and all who heard it alike. The Contrail released it's follow up to Correspondence School, House of Moths, available on Frank Records, is another lo-fi masterpiece from Czech as he continues to prove that he the new king of the 4-track.

"The work of one bright young man filtering his musical vision through the lo-fi ideology of Robert Pollard, Correspondence School is a collection of shimmering pop songs fully embracing a fuzzy aesthetic." - Held Like Sound

"Armed with an ear for constructive changes, constrasting fuzzy barre chords and lilting, emotive melodies, The Contrail use single-prop power to streak their indie-pop skyline" - Devil In The Woods

"Underneath all of this lies some of the most fantastic melodies i've heard since those early Superchunk-songs. Songs that will stick in your head for days." - Truckfighter